~GI Update~

Hannah saw her gastroenterologist today. We were overdue for an appointment anyway, but urology is also very keen on getting her bowel issues figured out since constipation can be a key factor in UTIs. Hannah has struggled with constipation pretty much since she was born. She has been on Miralax and Senna since she was … More ~GI Update~

14 Month Update

Oh my goodness, it’s hard to believe I haven’t done an update on Hannah in 5 months! We have been very, very busy, and she has done so much growing and developing. Hannah has been crawling for the past several weeks! She had been trying to so long, and now that she’s got it down, … More 14 Month Update

7 Things Medical Professionals Should Stop Doing

After going through five hospitalizations with Hannah, I have dealt with just about everyone in the medical field. Attendings, fellows, residents, nurses, medical students, child life specialists, respiratory therapists, I could go on. If they work in a hospital, I have probably come in contact with them. Most of our experiences have been excellent, but … More 7 Things Medical Professionals Should Stop Doing

6 Month Update

I can’t believe Hannah is 6 months old! It seems like just yesterday, but also ages ago when she was in the NICU. As we prepare for her surgery in just 3 days, I’ve been thinking back on how much she has changed, and on everything she has accomplished. Despite spending 42 days in the … More 6 Month Update