My Children Aren’t Your Excuse to Murder

For everyone trying to defend New York by saying only babies who would either pass away, or who have already passed away will be affected, you are wrong. So very wrong.

First, I have seen several people say that we must protect the rights of mothers to induce labor or have a D&C if their baby has passed away while they are pregnant. This is merely changing the topic and trying to tug at heart strings. If a baby has already passed away, inducing labor or performing a D&C is necessary in many cases. Nobody is talking about taking that right away.

Second, Not all babies who are deemed, “incompatible with life” die. I have intimate knowledge of this because I have been on both sides. I have had a baby who was deemed incompatible with life pass away, and I have had one with the same exact diagnosis live.

When I was 17 weeks pregnant with my second child, we were told his heart had stopped beating. For weeks prior, we had been on our knees praying for a miracle. Praying that the prognosis the doctor had given us would not be true. Unfortunately, it was true for our son. At 17 weeks his heart stopped, and at 18 weeks, I was induced and gave birth to our stillborn child. He had fingers, toes, eyes, a nose, and a mouth. Though he was immensely swollen from the fluid that had accumulated around his organs and under his skin, he was so beautiful and perfect. We had a funeral and buried his body. Why? Because he is our child. Not a clump of cells, not something to be discarded. He is our child.

I was offered an abortion over and over again, but each time I refused because we believe in miracles. We didn’t get a miracle with Wyatt, but we did with our next child.

Our daughter was given the same prognosis when I was 12 weeks pregnant. We were told she was, “incompatible with life” and would not make it to full term. The doctors were wrong. She is now almost 2 years old, and is thriving. I was offered an abortion again and again, but I refused. What if I had listened? My little girl would have been senselessly murdered. For who’s gain? No one’s but mine.

This is why I cannot stand with New York. Doctors are wrong all the time. Miracles happen. Misdiagnoses happen. I grieve to think of the millions of children who could have lived, but will be murdered because they were incorrectly deemed, “incompatible with life.”

So please, don’t use children like mine as an excuse to legalize the murder of more children. I would have done anything to save my son, even give up my life for him. Parents are supposed to sacrifice for their children, even if it means with their lives.

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