~GI Update~

Hannah saw her gastroenterologist today. We were overdue for an appointment anyway, but urology is also very keen on getting her bowel issues figured out since constipation can be a key factor in UTIs.

Hannah has struggled with constipation pretty much since she was born. She has been on Miralax and Senna since she was 6 months old. She’s been struggling more lately with finding a good balance. She is usually either constipated or she has diarrhea. Obviously, this is no fun for anyone. We have tried different doses of each medication, juices, foods, oils, and combinations of all of these. Nothing seems to help her. She is also still struggling with milk products. She is on a dairy formula, but she vomits when she’s given milk. We’ve tried a couple times mixing milk with formula, we even tried Lactaid, but she vomited each time. So, it was definitely time for another visit to GI.

The good news is that, just like with urology, everything is structurally normal. The not so good news is that she has enough signs of hirschsprungs that she will be getting a water soluble enema. Depending on the results of that, we will do a clean out. We also had some blood work done today to check her thyroid levels, immunoglobulins, and for celiac disease. Once we get the results of the enema and the labs, we will know more about what is in our future in the GI realm.

2 thoughts on “~GI Update~

  1. Sorry you’re going through that. Every other day for breakfast I give my little guy plain quaker oatmeal and squeeze in prunes from the baby food packets. Seems to help him, I can tell if he goes awhile without it, he gets constipated again.


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