~Urology Update~

We’ve added another specialty to our list. Hannah had her first appointment with urology on June 7th. The urologist’s opinion was that her E. Coli bacteremia could have come from the UTI. He said the oral antibiotics could have wiped out the E. Coli from her urine, but may not have been strong enough to wipe it out from the source of the infection. Infectious Disease had told us it wasn’t possible to have E. Coli bacteremia from a UTI if no UTI was currently present, so we’re still not sure where it came from.

Either way, she still had two UTIs within one month, so they want her to have a procedure called a Voiding Cystourethrogram or VCUG to check for urine reflux. During the procedure, they insert a catheter and then inject contrast and take X-rays to see the flow of the contrast. This gives them a good idea of whether or not the urine is flowing back into the kidneys instead of being cleared from the bladder completely. Her appointment for the VCUG is on July 13th right now, but we’re trying to get it moved up to a sooner date. We also have a follow up with her urologist directly after the VCUG, so we will know the results the same day. We are hopeful the UTIs and bacteremia were just a fluke and that the VCUG results will show she does not have reflux. She had an ultrasound of her bladder and kidneys while she was inpatient, so no one is worried about her having anything structurally abnormal.

Hopefully the VCUG will give us some answers, and it will have a positive outcome. Hannah also has a GI appointment later this week, so I will be posting an update about all things GI soon.


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