9 Month Update

Hannah was 9 months old yesterday! Where has the time gone? It’s so hard to believe that 9 months ago she was in the NICU, 7 months ago we were hauling around oxygen tanks, and 3 months ago we were preparing for open heart surgery.

Hannah recovered so well and quickly from her surgery! She was readmitted 2 weeks post op for pleural effusions, but after a few days in the hospital, and an increase in Lasix, she was good as new and has stayed out of the hospital since.

She had her 8 week follow up last month, and overall is doing well. The pressure in the right side of her heart is about twice as high as it should be. It’s not uncommon for pressures to be elevated after surgery, but typically, it should have decreased by now. So Hannah is still on Lasix once a day, and will remain on it until at least February. If her pressure hasn’t decreased, she will have to stay on it long term. She is also still on Aspirin once day due to a piece of stent not being removed. She may have to stay on Aspirin her whole life, but we will reevaluate that in February as well. She also has a very small VSD that was unrepaired. The hope is that it will close on its on in the next 3-4 years, so we will wait and see.

Hannah started eating puréed foods as soon she was discharged. She has been evaluated by OT, and has been doing a lot better with keeping the food in her mouth. This little girl loves to eat! She will eat anything.

Her sleep study is coming up on the 12th of this month, so prayers for that are appreciated. Since her surgery, she has been waking up every 1-3 hours at night. Both of us are exhausted, so it would be nice to find out if some sort of apnea or something else is causing her sleep disturbances. We won’t get the results back for almost a month though, so we still have a while before we have any answers.

Hannah had her audiology follow up and her first ophthalmology exam, and passed both with flying colors! No hearing or vision concerns right now! Her foot is also maintaining good alignment as well!

I have been processing a lot of emotions, which is partly why I’ve been so silent on here. It’s hard to write about something you’re still processing. It was made more difficult by another miscarriage in September. Dealing with that, along with Hannah’s surgery, another hospitalization, and adjusting to life without oxygen or a pulse ox was difficult. But overall, we have had so many blessings the past few months. We are so thankful for Hannah’s recovery and overall good health. We are thankful for 2 months without an inpatient stay. We are thankful for the love and support we’ve had from our friends and family. And we are thankful that God has continued to bless us with a strong marriage, and that he has always provided for us.

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