6 Month Update

I can’t believe Hannah is 6 months old! It seems like just yesterday, but also ages ago when she was in the NICU. As we prepare for her surgery in just 3 days, I’ve been thinking back on how much she has changed, and on everything she has accomplished. Despite spending 42 days in the hospital, two heart defects, and Down Syndrome, she is very close to meeting all the milestones of a typical 6 month old. She impresses her physical therapist every time she comes, and continues to get stronger each day. I’m so excited to see what all she will be able to accomplish once her heart is repaired.

Hannah is now able to roll from front to back, as well as back to front. She can lift her chest off the ground during tummy time, and her head control is awesome. She makes eye contact, and is extremely social with everyone, but has started preferring familiar faces. She can sit supported, and reaches for toys and brings them to her mouth. She is obsessed with faces! She reaches for faces constantly.

She is still sleeping through the night mostly. She wakes up crying sometimes, but goes back to sleep after being comforted. I’m not sure what’s causing it, she could be annoyed by the cannula or her boots and bar, but I’m thankful for mostly restful nights. She has started eating a lot more, which is great. We will be introducing solids as soon after her surgery as we can. She is very interested in food! She reaches for it, and watches us eat. I think we’re going to have a big eater on our hands!

One of the most important things to me was to have pictures of Hannah and William taken before her surgery. We ended up just going to JC Penney, and they turned out so great! I think my kiddos are the cutest, but I might be a little biased….

We are going in on Wednesday for all of Hannah’s pre-op testing. Praise the Lord she has stayed healthy! We will be at the hospital for over 4 hours, so prayers for a smooth visit would be appreciated. We will get to speak with Dr. Morales to have any last minute questions answered, which of course I have 😉 We will be told what time we will have to be at the hospital on Friday, and get all of our details then.

2 thoughts on “6 Month Update

  1. Hi.

    Part of me is a little uncertain about commenting when it seems that you’re daughter underwent surgery just a few days ago. I hope that things went well.

    My daughter has Tetralogy of Fallot. She had a stent put in at six weeks (Day after diagnosis), had it stretched at six months (Complete with cardiac arrest) and should undergo Open Heart Surgery this week having just turned one year old.

    She has both a deletion and duplication of chromosomes and is seemingly death in one ear. She’s behind but developing.

    Forgive me for rambling about us. It’s interesting to read other people’s experiences. We’re in England and I’m aware that some people think cases are handled differently in different parts of the world.

    Hope that all are well.



    1. Hi! Her surgery actually was delayed at the last minute until August 17th.

      I’m not very familiar with deletions of chromosomes. Our story is somewhat similar, she had a stent placed at 4 weeks. Instead of stretching it, they just do a full repair since she has AVSD as well.

      I hope everything goes well with your daughter! I’ll be praying for her!


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